These are only the best gourmet Italian biscotti in the world!

(GioV's says 2nd best because someone's dear mother may have made it better once upon a time)


The Viscotti Gourmet Biscotti

GioV contributes over 1000 Viscotti annually to our military men and women serving in the United States and abroad (Iraq).

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PO Box 727 Westview Station
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Biscotti roughly means"twice baked"biscuit). , In the US "biscotti" refers to crisp cookies often hard. Viscotti Gourmet Biscotti is a soft biscotti cookie. In fact it is the only soft biscotti made. So there is no need to dip it in order to eat it... but go ahead anyway!

With just one bite the customer will taste the quality of fresh ingredients but more importantly they will delight in the pleasure it brings. Biscotti traditionally evoke a romance of Italy, of coffee houses filled with heated discussions and mom and pop bakeries where the owner stands behind the counter and has known you since you were small. They evoke the imagery of pleasures to the palate, enhanced by coffee driven by a passion to savor. We are not stating that the Viscotti biscotti will bring you love and romance - it is not,after all , an aphrodisiac - but we know with just one bite you taste the love care and sense of pride that owners, creators and bakers John and Louise Vallone put into each and every handmade, home made gourmet Viscotti biscotti.



"I am a writer. I drink much to much coffee but I have a sweet tooth too. Donuts leave my fingers sticky and cookies well I am not 5 any more. All I can say is that these are absolutely perfect!" J.A. Trendler writer

"it is like eating spumoni in cookie form- utterly delicious- it melts in your mouth" Ann Cason publisher of Grainger Today.

"just one bite and I was hooked. I had to hide some away from the staff. Hurry up with your retail website so I can order on line" J.Bibb

"...The Viscotti biscotti are soft and full of taste. Prior to getting hooked on the biscotti it had been a Saturday ritual at the house to have morning bagels with my brother in-law. To merely say that I highly recommend these (Viscotti) to the general public would be an understatement."
Robert "Gabe" DeLuca
Stamford, Ct. City Representative & Justice of the Peace.

“That is a kick a** biscotti... This will work here in Boston...”
O.Russo, VP A Russo & Sons Inc. Watertown MA

“I ate it last night. It was amazing, could you send one over for the chef and FB director to try?”
Email response from W. Kovel,
Chef de Cuisine, Boston MA

‘... I first tasted your product 4 days ago and was very impressed about the quality, fragrance and simplicity yet thoroughly substanial taste of our Viscotti.”
Vincenzo Granata,
GM Panevino, Las Vegas NV

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